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Proven benefits of a healthier business by decreased healthcare costs, increased employee productivity, reduced absenteeism and more...
Improved access to healthcare with same-day appointment availability, highly coordinated care, individualized health plan, improved total wellness and more...
Creating healthcare partnerships with businesses and organizations to improve the health of the community and more...

HealthWell Solutions

Our mission is dedicated to enriching lives by being a leader in a collaborative patient centered healthcare delivery model. Our team is committed to excellence by utilizing quality measures to provide and navigate care in a compassionate and cost effective manner.

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  • Extraordinary cost effective care by focusing on wellness, prevention, and education as demonstrated by improved quality measures and overall health out comes of members.
  • Both a local and regional presence as a leader in wellness and occupational health through our HealthWell On-Site Clinics.
  • A positive impact on the local community by promoting healthy living.
Employer Benefits
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Decreased healthcare costs
  • and more...

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Member Benefits
  • Improved access to healthcare
  • Same-day appointment availability
  • Highly coordinated care
  • and more...

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We Specialize in On-site Primary Care
Our on-site healthcare professionals deliver services and provide employees with effective and efficient primary care.