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Proven benefits of a healthier business by decreased healthcare costs, increased employee productivity, and reduced absenteeism. 

HealthWell Solutions emphasizes a concerted approach to partner with businesses by aligning with their goals and objectives to provide employees the platform to be interactive, energized and motivated to take their health to an improved state.  We integrate top medical professionals, innovative technology, and collaborative coaching tools to structure a program unique for each company.

HealthWell Solutions creates an environment of a prevention-based health system that is beneficial to employers and employees alike.  By establishing an on-site clinic to take care of acute illness, manage chronic conditions, offer occupational health services, perform health risk evaluations, and provide health-coaching services, allows for employers to provide a superior benefit structure for employees while seeing healthcare costs steadily decline.  Additionally, reduced missed work days, fewer emergency room and specialist visits further solidify the benefits of a corporate health and wellness program. 

As employees participate in a structured, on-site healthcare clinic and wellness program, the benefits of healthcare cost savings and overall employee health is quickly recognized.  This results in greater productivity, less turnover and a happier workforce.  Outcomes are measurable and tracked at routine intervals in order to encourage continued participation and to see the true reward of investing in your employees.